Euonymus fortunei

Køb planter online, stort udvalg af bunddække, du kan bl. Smuk stedsegrøn busk med hvidbroget løv. Er middelvoksende, bunddækkende og fuldt hårdfør og fungerer godt til haver og parker.

Gulbrogede blade og stedsegrøn. Variegated foliage is golden yellow, . Cool cream and green splashed evergreen with pink highlights in winter – picks up plum hellebores with all the piquancy of real custard on Victoria plums. This plant has poison characteristics.

While common names such as spindle do exist for E. Forest openings, caused by win insects or fire are especially vulnerable to invasion. Bittersweet family (Celastraceae). Euonymus fortunei has been reported to be invasive in natural areas in . Background Winter creeper, or creeping . Article by David Marks All varieties of Euonymus Fortunei are evergreen and hold their colour particularly well in winter.

Height and spread does depend on the . Low growing, tight branching habit. Dark green foliage with yellow margins.

It has two forms that have been collected in the . Euonymus emerald gol Buisson ardent nain and Nain boxwood. Prostrate to mound-forming, vigorous evergreen shrubs have oval . Show All Show Tabs winter creeper. It is in leaf 12-Jan It is in flower in .