Galanthus nivalis

Snowdrops are some of the earliest bulbs, and flowers in general, to bloom in spring. It has escaped gardens and naturalized in . Snowdrop, the early-blooming garden plant, native to Europe as far east as .

For many gardeners snowdrops herald the end of winter. They are extraordinarily hardy, especially the common species, and can be depended on to flower very . Though the crocus is more identified with early spring in our gardens in Ohio, the snowdrop is earlier to bloom. Læs om vintergækker og gækkebreve.

Galanthus Nivalis, The Snowdrop. The word galanthus is of Greek origin and roughly translates as . The following other s use this file: Usage on ar. It is hardy to zone (UK) and is not frost tender. Snowdrops – Ideal for Naturalising, best grown in shade or semi shade.

Lifted to order – Plant as soon as possible after receipt. Common Names: common snowdrop Family: Amaryllidaceae (amaryllis Family). White and green flowers in early spring.

An exclusive naturally occurring hybrid snowdrop grown in the grounds of Scone Palace.

Has “painted” green tips to each of the outer segments. A fine strong-growing snowdrop. Disse blomsterløg giver smukke vintergækker om vinteren og start forår.

One of the earliest flowering spring . The leaves are narrow, and grey-green.