Goodnature rat trap

Learn how the cards help you find the best places to set your Arat traps. Advertised as humane, but look at that rat dance! Aself-resetting multi-species kill trap targeting rats and stoats.

Goodnature ARat Trap Kit UK (without Digital Counter). It combines superb design engineering principles and behavioral science with . Larger spacings between traps, minimum servicing and maximum efficiency. This powers and resets the trap multiple times before needing replacement.

AUTOMATIC HUMANE NON-TOXIC RAT AND MOUSE TRAP KIT. Good Nature AALP Rat Trap and Counter kit. Set and forget for constant control of rats. Award winning design, free from poison and maiming.

Uses air powerd bolt to kill rats which are attracted in by lure. It is small, easy to install and resets itself after each humane kill up to times per COcanister. ABOUT THE GOODNATURE ARAT TRAP.

It kills possums, stoats and rats . Excellent for controlling rats in residential buildings, restaurants, offices and other small business establishments.

Up-and-coming company goodnature is revolutionising the way we kill. They followed that up with the release of the rat stoat trap to market in . Traps and compared their suc- cess against single-action. De gedode muis of rat zal uit de val vallen en de GoodNature Aval stelt zichzelf . Figure 1: Total trapping catch by week, including ship rats, Norway rats, house.