Calling all you workshop holders, hands-on participants, note-takers, music-players, seed-swappers, kitchen-helpers. Intelligent design uses free, sustainable energies and resources. This is the essence of permaculture – the design of an ecologically sound way of living – in our households, gardens, communities and businesses.

Combining the best of natural landscaping and edible gardening, permaculture systems sustain both themselves and their caregivers. Permaculture – practical solutions beyond sustainability. Udgivet af Holmgren Design Services. We are excited about facilitating the next generation of .

Free permaculture resources for sustainable living. Quail Springs gave me the confidence to integrate permaculture into all aspects of my life—not just in my backyard garden, but also in my social interaction and . Learn permaculture online at Geoff Lawton Online. The official page for learning permaculture online. It helps us to design intelligent systems which meet human needs whilst enhancing biodiversity, reducing our impact on the . Some of the best places to see permaculture in practice are the 80 . Enhance your permaculture literacy and gain the confidence to design professionally in various situations.

Study with world-class teachers including Larry Korn and Max Meyers. Permaclture Design Magazine is an authoritative journal containing in-depth articles on broadscale and garden design and community action.

Educational institution dedicated to sharing regenerative practices in Sebastopol. Join us for two jam-packed days of hands-on skills in growing edible mushrooms from scratch. Here, we unpack the ideas behind permaculture.

Earthsong is founded on the two equal and complementary systems of cohousing and permaculture. While broadly speaking cohousing is . Meaning, pronunciation, example sentences, and more from Oxford Dictionaries.