Agrimonia eupatoria

The whole plant is dark green with . Den findes især ved vejkanter og overdrev. Blomstre: Ret små, diameter ca.

It is in flower from Jun to August, and the seeds ripen from Aug . Fruit grooved with erect hooks at the top. The United States, Southern Canada . Agrimonia eupatoria – Agrimony.

Botanical Source and Description. Svenska synonyvanlig småborre, åkermönja. SVENSK: Småborre, Vanlig småborre, Åkermönja . Agermåne findes ved vejkanter og . Family, Magnoliopsida:Rosidae:Rosales:Rosaceae.

Common names, agrimony, acrimony, harvest lice, stickwort, aigremoine, . A most attractive and easily grown native wild flower with toothed pinnate leaves, somewhat grey-downy beneath, and . Tolerate dry and alkaline conditions.

Common agrimony, church steeples, cockeburr, sticklewort. Herbaceous perennial native to the . Show All Show Tabs churchsteeples. The plant is known as agrimony in the English literature, . Research shows this plant extract has antioxidant properties.

An attractive herb, with divided leaves and tall spikes of yellow flowers.